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A review of Satellite DIRECT - is it a scam?

I came across this ad online which I thought was pretty cool and cutting edge information that in turn got me totally excited about satellite TV, with this new technology say so-long to monthly subscriptions and fees. Say hello to unlimited channels worldwide with round the clock access.

I am going to fully expose the hardcore facts behind this Satellite Direct review. This will definitely educate you regarding this powerful software and give you some insight surrounding all the hype about this software.

Satellite Direct

Here are the basic breakdowns:

1) One of the most common things that I usually look at in a product is its price and the features. For Satellite Direct, it only costs less than $50 (one-time fee) and the features are way, way beyond my imagination. I got to watch 3,500 HD channels which probably knock other satellite TV software off. I got unlimited access 24/7, 365 days a year and auto channel updates.

2) Next thing was the quality of the pictures shown on my computer screen. I must say, I was kind of skeptical. Imagine 3,500 HD channels, is it really possible? Now, I'm a believer. It is really true. The quality was so great until now I am still in awe.

3) I am more of an organized person, I don't like to see wires or cables tangled and twisted up. So, looking at the package, it says "no hardware to install, no need of a satellite dish or any equipment" I definitely purchased this product. I just followed the 3 steps and that's all I need to do. Even my daughter who is 8 years old can do the installation for me.

4) This is how easy to install and convenient Satellite Direct is. It has all the necessary features that I am looking for in a satellite TV software and the price was so reasonable compared to the monthly subscription I usually pay with my cable subscription. With 3,500 HD channels, I would not trade this piece of software to anything else.

5) No wonder, this software is getting positive Satellite Direct reviews. I just had my first experience using it and oh all of those reviews were indeed true!


Satellite Direct

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