I Sold My TV...Cancelled My Costly And Useless Cable TV Subscription...I Am Free, Free To Watch What I Want And When I Want It...

I Now Enjoy Over 3,500 Channels From All Over The World On My Computer With A Lot Of Spare Beer Money.

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I am fed up of cable and satellite TV operators, their poor customer service, poor value for money and extortionate prices. I am fed up of waiting for the cable guy who will come any time between 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening, like I haven't got anything better to do. I am fed up of not being able to watch what I want UNLESS I pay a ridiculous amount of money which I cant afford. I am fed up of Set Top boxes 'malfunctioning' and still having to pay for the subscription until the operator finally manages to send an engineer. I am fed up of having to resort to watching poor quality streaming videos from dodgy sites just because I cant afford the subscription.
If you can relate to at least one of the above statements, I am glad you found my blog. I will tell you exactly how I tried a variety of cable TV operators, forced to try online streaming sites and illegal downloads only to be scammed, conned and dissatisfied. I finally sold my TV and now enjoy HD TV on PC with a unique service called “Satellite Direct” which is by far the best on the market to watch TV on your PC. With no monthly bills, I have the luxury to enjoy a few beers while watching premium movie channels
Satellite Direct
My name is Dillon Perera and I am a Sri Lankan studying abroad in England. If your a student or have been for that matter, I am pretty sure you can relate to the fact that money was tight, workloads and schedules very hectic and when you come back home to relax, there is nothing to watch on TV.

I finally got a part time job to make some money and saved up to pay for a major cable TV operators package. I must add that the very basic package just cost a fortune.


My Experience With Cable TV Operators

TV on PC
I have tried three of the major Cable TV players in the UK hoping the next one would be better than the last, but its sad to say that in this industry, The Customer Is Not Right!!! My experiences with all three of these operators had recurring themes, almost seemed like De Ja Vu.

Unecessarily long process from application to finally receiving your Set Top Box. I mean come on, it should not take over a month to receive your Set Top Box and get it setup by an engineer and another weeks wait to get something called a viewing card. Why do they do this? Because they can. Its a monopoly my friends.

Customer Service is appaling. Most of them just transfer you from department to department and you have to start from square one over and over again. Plus I hate the tunes they play when they put you on hold, cant sleep at night at times.

They have the nerve to tell you that you need to be in your house on a particular day from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening to wait for the engineer to setup your service. What kind of demand is that? I have got better things to do than wait for an engineer all day.

You finally get the package and these guys tease you with previews of channels that you COULD get if you paid extortionate amounts of money that you cannot afford.

I was dissatisfied with the services because I couldnt afford all the good stuff. All my friends were talking about the latest episode of this and that while I was still playing catch up. It was definite that I had to do something about it.


My Experience With Streaming Sites

I had to resort to looking for TV programmes and movies on free online streaming sites. This was frustrating as you had to sift through a plethora of the dodgiest sites on the internet and test each and every link to find one that is of decent quality. When I say decent, I mean the pixels are about half the size of my thumb, in the world of free online streaming, a pixel that small is very good quality. Some TV Channels and movies stopped abruptly half way leaving me very angry as I had to find another copy and wait till streams upto the point the other one crashed. All in all, on average, it took about three hours to find a decent copy of a movie to watch, which is twice as long as the movie and the determination of a fighter to sit through crappy quality and just watch it for the storyline.


My Experience With Competitor Sites
TV on PC program
I then heard about recent advances in technology have enabled users to watch satellite TV on computers. Could this be the one for me? I did a quick google search and tried a software called “PC Satellite TV”. I paid $40 for this piece of crap and just got a player that fed into the free online video streaming sites. So there I was, I had just paid for a program that helps me find poor quality online streaming videos. I tried to contact their customer services which was non-existent (surprise).
Determined to find a winner, I tried “TV on PC Elite”, guess what, it was the same crap. I could not believe it $80 down, I realised that it was so easy for someone to start a bogus website and sell some crap and when the complaints and refund requests became to much, they close shop and start with a new name.

I started to believe that this is going to impossible


Eventually... I Found Satellite Direct

Eventually, a friend of mine came across “Satellite Direct” and told me about how good it was. Naturally I was dubious at first, I went on the hunt to find reviews and to my surprise, “Satellite Direct” had some very promising reviews. I had spent so much time, energy and money on crappy products, scams and cable TV, I thought to myself, what the heck, lets give it a shot.

TV on pc

What seemed so promising about “Satellite Direct” was that the interface was very, very professional and best of all, I didnt receive any content from poor quality agregate sites such as Hulu and Veoh (like the scams mentioned above). I could not believe my eyes, right in front of me were real channels with resolutions ranging from 640 x 480 to 1920 x 1080 thats full HD. I sold my TV on Ebay immediately.

Here's Reasons Why I Recommend "Satellite Direct"

Unlike 95% of the TV on PC programmes out there, “Satellite Direct” boasts superior video quality with resolutions ranging from 640 x 480 to full HD thats a whopping 1920 x 1080. No more massive pixels on your screen and straining to see whats going on. The audio quality is superb...
This TV on PC programme delivers with REAL Channels. I stress the word REAL because it just feed you with crappy content from video agregator sites which can be found if you just do a google search.

“Satellite Direct” comes with a ONE Time fee for life which is a fraction of what you pay a cable operator a month. This TV on PC programme also has a dedicated customer service team that are extremely helpful unlike other TV on PC programmes out there who close up shop when complaints go over the roof. Furthermore, you are safe as your money back is guranteed.
You dont have to go through the hassle of adhering to the terms of cable and satellite operators. No more waiting for engineers. No more bills. No more Set top boxes malfunctioning.
Sell your TV and you dont have to pay TV Licensing to the government. Why pay your hard earned money so that benefit thieves can steal it back from the government?
Iam learning Spanish, and if your trying to learn any language, think of the amount of TV channels that you can access using “Satellite Direct” for a bit of practice, plus most of these channels come with subtitles which make learning a breeze.


Dillon Perera

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